Filling your home with natural light

It’s a great idea to invest in a skylight or roof lantern since they allow in three times more light than a traditional vertical window.

Kitchens or extensions are the most likely places to install a skylight. The kitchen is notorious for its lack of natural light, which makes food preparation and even eating a challenge. A kitchen skylight is a wonderful addition to any home, adding extra light to the room.

Roof lights refer to any glass structure found on the roof or ceiling; skylights and roof lanterns are two completely distinct types.

At GL Glazing and Window Services will have extensive experience with the products we supply and know how to install them.

Looking to lighten up your room but can’t find a roof lantern to match your needs? Not to worry,  we have a whole range of bespoke lanterns available. It’s so simple you’ll have your perfect home in no time